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Cherry earrings, pineapple hair bands. Boyfriend said I looked delicious

You think the summer to eat fruit great, Fashionable people have put the fruit on the body it! How can the summer little iconic colorful fruit color? Psychologists say bright colors help to feel happy!
This time our costume jewelry wholesale designer cleverly to the fruit put in our new products, mixed with gorgeous colors, so that makes the whole person bright up. Full of juicy pineapple, cherry, grapefruit is to make your taste delicious!
Tropical grow fruit is always gorgeous colors, whether it is a large area of bright colors, or colorful hit pineapple, from people can feel the tropical sunshine, abundant rain.
Wide cloth head hoop, such as hair band-like hair, breathable material, high toughness hoop body, there will be no "magic spell" trouble.
If you want to look small and exquisite, choose wide hair band is a good choice. Whether it is to let the hair loose or tied up, the visual is very refreshing.
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Entrepreneurship jewelry shop is a very good choice

Today, more and more jewelry stores began to appear, to the consumer has brought a very good choice, so that the industry in the market development market has become very hot, attracting a lot of entrepreneurs to join. And the industry has helped more and more people get rich, I believe you must be the best to join the object, but the business wholesale jewelry stores, how to operate to ensure rapid profitability? Then just like the fashion jewelry industry to join the network to see a small series.

Open jewelry stores want to make money quickly, you need to work hard in the customer's body, but only know that discounts can't completely attract customers, but need to do a good shop service, because only the first work to do a good job, To be successful in attracting customers into the store to spend, followed by a good silver brand, so good jewelry brand will be recognized by consumers in order to ensure that you get great benefits from it.

Jewelry store and products need to be …

Fan-shaped jewelry appreciation

Since the ancient civilization of the fan has been very popular, different period of the fans has naturally become a tool for women to display their charm, used to convey all kinds of hidden information. Today, diamond gem weaving fan-shaped fashion jewelry, swaying Smart, do not have some charm, embellishment in the ears, neck, as the beauty of the charm of the beautiful interpretation.
Fan, with a wide variety of surface gorgeous and inner culture. It looks very cute, gesture is very elegant, can be described as the emperor of the temple, but also infested in the ordinary people of the small door small family, both can be kept among the high, but also into the ordinary people, Fan to work people who sweat, blow them hard and worry, let the breeze blowing all the displeasure .

It can be Zhuge Liang hand of the feather fan, fan gently shake, strategizing.
It can be iron fan princess banana fan, can create a tornado, Sun Wukong has nothing to do it.
The fan is a symbol of wisdom and a repr…

Necklace wear aesthetics

A wide range of necklaces, rich shape, with a strong decorative. For all kinds of necklaces for proper wear can play a significant role in the modification is like otherfashion jewelry plays.
1.Necklace and clothing Wear necklace and clothing should be achieved harmony and echo. Such as: dressed in soft, elegant silk dress, wear exquisite, fine necklace, looks more moving. The color of the necklace should be in contrast to the color of the garment in contrast to the color of the garment.

2.Different face shape suitable for the necklace For the average woman, the short necklace can make the face wider, neck thicker. So, face and neck slightly longer for women wearing necklaces. Square face, short neck women should wear a slightly longer necklace, matching wearing a larger collar, lower coat, so that the necklace fully revealed, thereby increasing the beauty.
3.Necklace and color If you are white skinny women, you can wear diamonds or light-colored gemstones necklace, you can wear a darker ja…

Short hair doesn’t wear earring, what is the different with the salted fish

Starting from this year, Short hair becomes a fashion trend, Beautiful girls are queuing to cut short hair. Short hair is attractive, not only because of its strong role in reducing age, can highlight your temperament, And in the hot summer, Short hair more refreshing, more lively.
But after you cut the short hair, the Slender neck will inevitably be a bit blank. Then maybe a finefashion jewelry -earrings will be able to fill your vacancies.
For short-haired girls, You have one of the advantages-Is able to wear all kinds of earrings, Capable fresh hairstyle, to the beautiful earrings more display space, But also easier to create Variety style. Days of Faye Wong's Maverick can feel from the earrings!
Long hair has its soft, Short hair but can be more style changeable, Plus exquisite earrings to light the whole, Short hair you still sexy and cute!
But when you whim also cut a short hair, the effect is not like the ideal imagination. That is the lack of you show the shortest hair of the …